Beard Pen (Lapiz Delineador de barba)

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Beard Pen (Lapiz Delineador de barba)


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1. No maintenance required, designed to reduce the crevices between beards, beards and even eyebrows. Provide you with a clean, natural and fresh appearance.
2. Sweat-proof and waterproof, durable, and will not change or fade due to sweat or rain.
3. Easy to use, 4 fork-shaped knife tips. First draw the outline of the beard, and then continue to evenly color the interior according to the desired shape. When applying, use a soft brush to apply on the smear to create a more natural appearance.
4. Free brush to help you get spray paint effect and mixing effect.

Packing size: 16.4×4.4x3cm
Package weight: about 50g
Color: black, dark brown

Package included:
1 x Beard pen
1 x Beard brush